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Why Stay at Lalco Villas

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station and most visited by the residents of Mumbai and Pune. Two main reasons people visit this amazing location are due to its proximity to both metros and its wonderful year-round weather.

1. Location

Lalco Villas are beautifully designed villas in the heart of Lonavala. The villas are located close to the Mumbai Pune Expressway, the centre of town and the Lonavala bus and railways stations.

2. Comfort

When you book a hotel, you get just a single room that often only first 2-3 people. But, when you stay at a Lalco Villa, you can fit up to 9 adults in one villa and you have your own private living room, rooftop, front yard, and backyard. You get the freedom to enjoy the indoors and the outdoors. Whether you want to spend time in bed or on the couch or enjoy a snack overlooking the hills from your furnished rooftop, Lalco Villas have it all. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of each and every room in each and every Lalco Villa.

3. Weather

Lonavala hill station is known for its weather and greenery. During the rainy season, the Sahyadri Mountains have filled with foliage and waterfalls all around. Lonavala is a famous spot for enjoying the rains, waterfalls and picturesque beauty of India. When you are at Lalco Villas, you can enjoy an amazing view from your own private rooftop.

4. Convenience

At Lalco Villas, you will get Wi-Fi connectivity and a free parking space for your vehicle. The villas all have back up power for emergency situations, so you do not have to worry about losing electricity. You can enjoy home-cooked meals even on vacation. All you need to is bring the food, as Lalco Villas provides a fully equipped kitchen with all your pots, pans and utensil needs.

5. Safety and Privacy

Every family enjoys the ultimate luxury of privacy. Lalco Villas offers you own villa but with 3-4 bedrooms with their own on-suite bathrooms. At our villas, you can stay and save together without compromising your privacy.

Lalco Villas provides its guests the best value for money in the area. Bring the good times and make memories with your family.

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