Lalco Villas

Lalco Villas: Where Beauty Combines With Safety

Preventative measures have always been the focus for all and now specially in this pandemic situation. May it be the large cities or the small towns, Covid-19 has forced everyone to maintain social distancing and stay indoors at all times. After the lockdown is over, many would surely like to plan a weekend getaway to a safer place with family and friends.

Lalco Villas in Lonavala are spacious 4 BHK Villas where one can maintain social distance and enjoy the surreal beauty of nature. The Villas have 3-5 bathrooms which are hygienic and have a private kitchen which gives the guests a chance to cook meals for themselves which results in independent living and eliminates any dependency on the restaurants.

Every room brings in fresh air and ample sunlight which helps in the eradication of germs. The spacious rooms, lawns, and open terrace give guests a chance to live a luxurious life with safety and security.

Health and safety is our top priority. Lalco Villas are cleaned with disinfectant at regular intervals.