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Luxurious Villas in Lonavala

All you need to know about Luxurious Villas in Lonavala is right here. Hold on, before starting let’s make sure we’re keeping ourselves healthy and safe from this pandemic. Washing our hands, face and wearing a mask is the first prevention from COVID-19.

Hoping you all have now done the necessary precautions. Let’s start to read more about Luxurious Villas in Lonavala.

There are hundreds of Villas in Lonavala, but how many are actually luxurious enough? From photos online, it looks like all of them, but in truth it is just a few of them. Let’s find out more about the luxury you can avail from these villas.

4 Bedroom Villas – We usually plan our trip to Lonavala with our group of friends/family/colleagues/couples. Hence, privacy with each person(s) having their private bedroom adds to the top of the luxury list.

Indoor Amenities – After travelling for about 3 to 4 hours, we don’t really want to travel again for the views or scenery in Lonavala on the first day itself (We usually keep that activity for the next day on our way back to home). But at the same time we don’t want to bore ourselves at one place either. Villas having good and exciting indoor amenities surely adds an extra entertainment to our trip.

Outdoor Sitting Arrangement – Breathing in fresh air with comfortable chairs in the garden area, is the most relaxing part of this trip. On top of that having a sitting arrangement on Roof Top is just a bonus to it. This is exactly what we think we would like to do, before planning our trip to Lonavala.

Views from Villas – After sensing all the heavy traffic and polluted air in the cities, we want to look at something more beautiful and pleasant. Having a mesmerised view right from the top of our villas could be the best addition while renting a villa in lonavala.

These are the four crucial luxuries we would like while booking a villa in Lonavala. And we at Lalco Villas, have all of the above luxuries. We would really like to host your next trip to Lonavala, and make sure we give the best of services and memories to cherish ahead.