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Lonavala – A Weekend Destination

Are you on course to make your weekend exciting? Don’t miss out on all the fun that you see your friends are having on social media.

Mumbai is an urban giant attracting many people to live and work in. When you need to step away from the speed at which Mumbai moves, Lonavala is the best weekend destination.

Lonavala is well connected by road and railway. Travel time required by both bus and train from Mumbai to Lonavala is approximately 2 hours. There are direct trains from Mumbai to Lonavala on a daily basis.

You can book a weekend stay at Lalco Villas, which have elegantly designed interiors coupled with fully functional kitchens, that are surrounded by well-manicured lawns, shrubs, and trees offering stunning views of the beautiful mountains and waterfalls of Lonavala. The property nestles perfectly between unabashed indulgence and a sense of oneness with nature amidst the imposing Sahyadri mountains.


Lush green forests with a small population, Lonavala is a popular tourist spot. Lonavala prides itself with scenic beauty, however, you can also enjoy strolls around the lake, hiking and boating, parks, viewpoints, caves and forts, that sweep tourist off their feet. You can enjoy the day around the dam or just chill out with friends and family in one of 3 outdoor relaxation spaces in each Lalco Villa.

Famous Eateries:
Lonavala is very famous for the chikkis, dry fruits and Indian sweets. The hot masala chai along with bhajiyyas or Vadapav (the Indian vegetarian burger) is something one cannot miss, especially during the Winter and Monsoon.

Exiting Options in Lonavala:
While Lonavala is known to be a very relaxing place if you are looking for some ways to make your weekend more exciting, here are a few options for you…
Water sports with a group such as motorboating or river rafting.
A trek to Lohagad or Iron Fort.
Visiting Bushy Dam is the most common activities for locals from Mumbai and Pune to enjoy, however, adventure activities such as swimming are prohibited during the monsoon months.
Viewing the valley and its nearby surroundings from Tiger Point is an amazing experience. As the name suggests, The Tiger Point resembles the shape of a leaping tiger.


So when are you planning your weekend to Lonavala?