Lalco Villas

Dear Guest,

We miss you all really badly. We miss your ‘let’s do this’ look and the way your laugh turns to a scream, and back into a laugh. In order to welcome you back in the safest way possible, we’re adding new policies and procedures to make your stay at Lalco Villas easy, comfortable, safe and healthy.

We know that Corona virus (COVID-19) has impacted many parts of our lives – including travel and vacation plans. We are following all guidelines from the central and state government as well as the World Health Organization (WHO).

We have enhanced sanitization procedures, employee testing and checking procedures as well as our payment and communication procedures to ensure as much social distancing and safety screening as possible. All Villas are fully sanitized before and after every guest stay. Almost all payments and communication can be done digitally to maintain social distancing.

The health and safety of both our guests and team members are our top priority and we continue to take precautions for the same. We ensure all of our team members have health insurance, so they feel safe and secure when they need to visit a doctor or hospital.

Please be aware of some of the additional safety measures that have been taken. For more details please ask our Sales Team.
Temperature screening for all workers, visitors, guests, delivery personnel at the entrance of Lalco Villas premises.

1) Hand sanitizer must be used by all incoming people.

2) Supply of soap and sanitizer/disinfectant to all team members for their personal use.

3) Additional cleanings and sterilization of all common areas.

4) All team members are required to wear masks and gloves.

5) Any guest facing team members are also required to wear face masks.

6) We are limiting access to all third parties (vendors, suppliers, workers, etc.) to emergency or absolutely necessary situations only.

7) We are limiting the number of people in LV at any time.

8) We have restricted our occupancy to a maximum of 33%.

9) Every corner of Lalco Villas is regularly cleaned with disinfectant.

We are following all of the best practices as advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

We ask that all guests and team members continue to comply with the precautionary measures listed below to help us provide a safe and clean environment:

1) Check your health on a regular basis. If you feel sick or ill in any way, please let us know as soon as possible so we can take the appropriate precautions.

2) Maintain social distancing as much as possible.

3) Wear a mask and gloves when in public spaces.

4) Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing.

5) Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds.

6) Carry alcohol-based hand sanitizers along with you every time and use them.

7) To prevent transmitting the virus, avoid touching your face, nose, eyes.

8) If a family member (our guest) has a cold or cough, quarantine them in a separate room. And let us know on an urgent basis. Use separate towels, etc. Be especially careful in case of the elderly or those who are immunocompromised (diabetes, etc.).

Guests with specific questions can call this number for more information: 022 4276 4376