Lalco Villas

Amidst the Nature in Lonavala

Going outside to get some fresh air and Vitamin D has become a necessity as we are usually packed up with our work. In the ‘90s, parents used to encourage us to play in an open ground or garden. Nowadays, we are always looking for an excuse to spend some time with ourselves or with our devices. Lonavala is one of the best places to take a break and explore nature.

If you are looking for a peaceful environment and scenery surrounded by a thrilling dose of adventure, Tungarli Lake in Lonavala is what perfect spot for you. Tungarli Dam and Tungarli Lake serve as the main source of drinking water and irrigation for the residents of Lonavala. The lake has now gained popularity as a wonderful picnic spot. There are various Villas and numerous camping sites lining the lake in case you are in the mood for a leisurely outdoor adventure.

Trekking and Stargazing are some of the activities one can indulge in after enjoying a relaxing picnic or day. There are various treks in Lonavala and you can stargaze from almost any hillop (including on the roof of your own villas at Lalco Villas). In addition to the beautiful hillside, people interested in gaining more knowledge about history can visit different forts that lie at a small distance from Tungarli, Lonavala. Lohagad and Rajmachi are nearby forts for trekking and were built by the ruling maharajas and give a glimpse of their royal lifestyle.

For stays in Lonavala, Lalco Villas is one of the best options. Lalco Villas are located in the beautiful Tungarli Hills just a few minutes from the centre of town. These Villas have modern amenities, beautiful interiors and are surrounded by stunning views of sky touching hills. Lalco Villas has a well-trained staff to assist you during your stay. At Lalco Villas in Lonavala, there is a perfect blend of nature mixed with a contemporary lifestyle, modern utilities with the best of hospitality and undoubtedly the right ambiance for rest, relaxation and fun.