Lalco Villas

A Weekend Escape to Lonavala

Nature At Its Best
Everything to love about Maharashtra comes together in Lonavala. Sky touching hills, Ghats having tall trees, lush green forests, waterfalls joining the hilltops and the valleys and the mystical centuries old caves. Everything will leave you astonished.

How To Reach
A set of wheels or relatively inexpensive train ticket will get you to Lonavala. It has a close proximity to Mumbai as well as to Pune and is well connected by the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The drive is beautiful and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Mumbai-Pune Expressway which gives a surreal experience. You’ll drive through clouds, pass by waterfalls and see the hills rise in front of your eyes along the quick drive from either city.

If you don’t have access to a set of wheels, you can take a train upto Lonavala station or even Khandala station and enjoy the ride. If you are travelling from Mumbai or Pune, Lonavala is so close that we highly recommend a bike ride for youngsters. There are many places to stop along the way, but there is an uphill climb once you get into the hills, so make sure you are prepared before trying to ride your bike.

Best Time To Visit
Lonavala has pleasant weather that welcomes everyone irrespective of age or season. You do not need to have a reason for spending a weekend or even more than a week in Lonavala. Winters in Lonavala are enjoyable as it is a hill station. Standing on the mountain top enjoying the cool breeze and looking at the rugged valleys gives a sense of pride. Similarly, the Summers have clear skies and you can enjoy stargazing from the villa or the hilltop. In addition to these, the monsoon plays magic with the foggy and overcast mornings and the waterfalls add beauty to the already alluring nature.

Lonavala, being a hill station, is bordered by hills and forest. Being close to the major cities like Mumbai and Pune and having the best connectivity, you can just pack the bags and set off to Lonavala as and when you like.

Famous Food And More
Every place has its unique identity. May it be food or scenic beauty or any other souvenir. Similarly, Lonavala is famous not only for the majestic beauty but also for its crunchy chikkis (Traditional Indian sweets made from jaggery and groundnut. Name depends upon the ingredients used alongside jaggery). Different flavours and types of chikkis are available in Lonavala.

Best Place To Stay
Lalco Villas are spacious Villas located at Tungarli Hills in Lonavala. These Villas have 4 bedrooms, 3-5 bathrooms, a private living room and private kitchen as well as multiple private outdoor spaces at ground level and on the roof. These villas are a great home away from home for any traveller. You can book a single Villa or all 4 Villas at a time which can accommodate upto 28 guests, making it perfect for a family gathering or a party. The open terrace provides a perfect view for stargazing. The open air garden has manicured lawns and bushes and really puts you in touch with nature, despite the luxury of your own private villa. It is a friendly spot and has amazing value too. The morning which can be included in your rate or excluded as per your preference breakfast and the stocked mini bar at Lalco Villas are a cherries on the top a wonderful stay.