Lalco Villas

A Road Trip To Lonavala

Whether you’re a local resident of Pune or Mumbai or visiting the city for a while, your stay here would be incomplete without a road trip to Lonavala. Then why not plan a getaway if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway to Lonavala. Bollywood has already glorified the road trip from Mumbai to Goa. Starting on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the 2-hour road trip takes you through the winding roads along the Western Ghats (the curvy road joining two mountains or a mountain pass), which are enough to please the traveller in you.

It is said that even the road leading to Lonavala has its own appeal. You will spot a lot of waterfalls where ample photo opportunities await you. The food stalls along the road where you can enjoy your snack while enjoying the view is just fantastic.

When you’re about to reach Lonavala, the very first glimpse of the mountains and green lush forest brings a twinkle to your eye! Just imagine looking down on a silent, placid, greenish valley while in ghats looking at the serene beauty and being a part of it for the moment? Or imagine the sight of spectacular mountains greeting you – that welcome which you can never forget.

It’s a world of rugged valleys, lush green mountains, endless hills, barren lands, clean and curvy roads and mystical caves where centuries old carvings on the walls have still maintained their charm. The rare phenomenon of majestic hills and the ghats leaves everyone astonished.

It is said that the path leading to a beautiful destination is more beautiful. A road trip to Lonavala is just one example. After reaching our destination, the place we booked named Lalco Villas, welcomed us warmly as if it is a home away from home. It had 4 private bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and the view from the balcony was mesmerizing. The minibar and morning breakfast which was much needed was a cherry on the top. Logic and reason demanded that I should rest in the Villa for a while after the early morning drive. But my incorrigible curiosity kept nagging me to explore this place some more.

There’s nothing more enchanting than nature’s handiwork in Lonavala. There is much more in the air of Lonavala that calls us to explore and experience.