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4 Amazing Places for Nature Lovers to Visit in Lonavala

Lonavala is like a little oasis between two cities, Mumbai and Pune. It’s less than two hours from Mumbai, and even closer to Pune. In today’s times, it’s the best destination to breathe some fresh air and take a few moments or if you’re lucky a few days of much needed rest and relaxation. The vulnerability of nature hidden in between the mountains of Lonavala, is a popular and enticing weekend getaway for all city dwellers. On your next visit to Lonavala, we recommend checking out the 4 sites below.

Lohagad Fort:
Lohagad fort (Iron fort) has a longing history of several dynasties. But in recent times, it has become a tourist attraction and a trekking point for trek lovers. If you are looking for an outdoor activity that requires some effort, the treks are beautiful any time of year. During monsoon, many people from Pune and Mumbai travel to Lonavala, especially for trekking on Lohagad. As the top of the fort is covered with mist and becomes wet due to growing moss.

Tiger Point:
This 650 meter high mountain top is known as Tiger Point as it resembles the shape of a leaping tiger. Tiger Point provides another great place to hike and trek. A simple hike that can easily be covered with friends and family, can deliver an end result that is an absolute delight. The echo is another highlight of this point. During monsoon, a small natural waterfall is formed close to this point. If you are a nature lover, this place is surely a treat for you.

Rajmachi Fort:
Rajmachi fort is rich with a variety of flora and fauna, waterfalls and an amazing view of nature. You may see a lot of monkeys near this place that would want to play around you if you are carrying any snacks. As with all wildlife this can be exhilarating, but if you do encounter monkeys we recommend avoiding them and keeping a safe distance. They are beautiful to look at, but you don’t share your lunch with them. The rocky mountains surrounding the fort are a beautiful place for every trekker. There are different levels of a trek for newbies as well as an experienced trekker. Most importantly, there are resting points along the long way where the trekkers can take breaks and have snacks.

Fireflies at Rajmachi Village:
As we have read above, Rajmachi Fort is known for its scenic beauty and lush greenery. But, many people are unaware of the fireflies that illuminate the place at night. Leave behind the city chaos and lose yourself to nature by spending some time with the glowing fireflies. Just walk along the dense forest and quietly observe the fireflies twinkling all around. Get awed by these little wonders (fireflies) and feel surprised and get an unparalleled experience. End of Summer is the best time to visit this place and experience a night with fireflies. You may spend your May and June vacations visiting here.

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